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 Butterflies 3D

Butterflies are one of the most fascinating and beautiful of Nature's creations. A plain and gluttonous caterpillar goes through metamorphosis to become a delicate, iridescent, and much admired flying insect.

This screen saver lets you observe specimens of the "Lepidoptera" species with extraordinary names such as "Small Tortoiseshell" or "Adonis Blue". Watch "Peacock" and several others as they land on flowers including yellow narcissuses and yarrow.

And so that you can observe the fascinating flight of the butterflies in detail, there is a slow-motion setting in macro perspective. Here you can see that a butterfly's wings don't just move up and down, but rather in a figure eight fashion; they're even capable of backwards flight.

note: This program requires DirectX 8.1 (or better) from Microsoft. The most recent version of DirectX can be found here.

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