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 Space Fighters 3D

For a long time now, conflict has been brewing between the humanoid Gollians and the insectoid Szaarth Collective over the overlapping boundaries of their star systems.

That's why the area between the blistering Gal'tur Nebula and the Myzon Abyss is considered a hot zone and is avoided by civillian space traffic. Heavily armed warships from both sides try to intimidate the enemy by patrolling the area.

When the rivals encounter one another, it quickly turns into armed conflict: Winged bombers fly from the warships, ready to take on the enemy. It's ruthless one-on-one combat as the pilots test their skills against one another in the ultimate battle.

The fighters are taking on the heavy artillery of the enemy star cruisers! They exchange heavy fire using flaming plasma rays that cause tremendous damage on the opposing side.

note: This program requires DirectX 8.1 (or better) from Microsoft. The most recent version of DirectX can be found here.

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