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 Cathedral 3D

Many of the cathedrals built in Europe during the Middle Ages are still considered masterpieces of western architecture.

These churches were built to be the hubs of diocesan towns. The planning and construction of a cathedral brought highly qualified craftsmen from various disciplines together and could sometimes take hundreds of years - or even longer.

In many cases, cathedrals remained unfinished or were completed centuries after they were begun. The sheer size and richness of details of these immense structures is still - after all this time - quite impressive.

This screen saver shows you the inner sanctum of a Gothic cathedral. Slowly, the view shifts over powerful columns, pointed arches, and magnificent windows, from which tinted light falls onto the floor and masonry. The entrance is enthroned by the church organ, which accents the dimensions of this beautiful example of architecture with music from Bach's 'Tocatta'

note: This program requires DirectX 9.0c (or better) from Microsoft. The most recent version of DirectX can be found here.

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