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Easter Express 3D

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    hilarious Easter fun


    magical landscape...


    Springtime ambience


Egg transport through the Easter Forest

Easter eggs are an undeniable part of Easter. Everybody knows about this tradition, but no one really appreciates the logistical challenges that go along with getting all those eggs together.

First of all, they’ve got to be brought to us from quite far away, and this is the difficult task that Rocco Rabbit has agreed to take on.

System requirements:
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
DirectX 9.0c or higher, compatible sound and graphics card, at least 800 MHz

Together with his old traveling companion, Waldemar the donkey, he transports the fragile eggs on a cart designed specifically for this special purpose.

This long and weary journey leads him along a curvy bumpy path through the hilly Easter Forest, where it’s always springtime. No easy job, but Rocco has lots of experience and leads the wagon and its precious cargo skillfully and safely along the difficult path.

Discover behind-the-scenes footage of the Easter Bunny’s busy work day! Order now!

note: This program requires DirectX 9.0c (or better) from Microsoft. The most recent version of DirectX can be found here.

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