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The screen savers on have been tested and rated. We do try to be as objective as possible, but we are only human. The ratings are based on our cool and clever ;-) Penguin System. The more penguins a screen saver has, the better it is!

We rate each screen saver in three categories: graphics, sound and handling. Here are the most important criteria we consider when awarding penguins::

  • Are the graphics made with "tender loving care"?
  • Are they of high technical quality?
  • Is the file-size/graphic content ratio balanced? Are the graphics animated?
  • Are there any mistakes in the graphics?
  • Does the animation run without any problems?
  • Are the sounds short and therefore space-saving?
  • Are they of high technical quality?
  • Can you turn off the sound in the set up options?
  • Is the user bombarded by sounds?
  • Do the sounds suit the screens aver, or are they just "inserted" just for the heck of it?
  • How easy is it to install the screen saver?
  • Can the screen saver be automatically de-installed?
  • Does the screen saver have suitable adjustment possibilities?
  • Is the screen saver made of several single files that may even have to be copied into different directories?
  • Screen savers that crash or cause problems in other applications are not rated at all.
Penguin Rating:

Perfect! Cit couldn't have been done better.

Aside from minor discrepancies, very good.

Average. A lot more really could have been done with it.

Ok….. a good try, we'll let it slide by.

Cow Tip Award

Screen savers that get the Cow Tip Award are those which have really caught our eye. These screen savers don't necessarily have to be perfect, but they do have to have that "something special".

Explanation of the terminology used by

This screen saver is free, and can be copied free of charge.



Shareware generally means that the software can be tested before buying it. There are different types of shareware screensavers.

One type is a free trial version which has limited functionality, but is subject to unlimited use. After registering the program, you can then either download the full version, or the trial version will be transformed into a full version through the entry of a specific code. Other manufacturers offer the full version for a limited period of time for free (Demo Version).

After this time period is over, the program will no longer function without being registered.



Flags indicate the language the screen saver is in. Attention! Do not confuse this with the country from which the screen saver originates!