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 Screen saver installation

In order to use a screen saver, you must first install it. 

In order to do that, first open Windows Explorer and go to the directory in which you have saved the screen saver file (for example c:\My files\Downloads).


There you will find a *.exe or a *.zip file of the screen saver you have just downloaded. Double clicking on this file starts the installation process.

A *.zip file is a compact file which means reduced file size and downloading time. Before you can work with *.zip files, you must first unpack the file. You will need a special tool to unpack the file such as WinZip. Check to make sure your computer has such a program. If not, you can download one from

Most of the time, a self explanatory installation routine follows after the file has been started. For a more detailed explanation of how various screen savers can be installed, please choose one of the following:

Screen savers in ZIP format

Screen savers in EXE format  


The screen saver is now installed. You can choose to have your newly installed break-time entertainment as your active screen saver:

In order to do this, click Start, go to settings and then to control panel. Activate the icon

Display with a double click.


Then appears the menu Display Properties. Here you can find all kinds of choices under Screen Savers.


 OK- that was it!
 Have fun with your screen saver from!

If You have any difficulties in installing or downloading, you will find lots of frequently asked questions and answers under Help.