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 About Javascript...

Screensaver-network is optimized for use with Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, both in Version 4 with activated Javascript.

If you are using one of these browsers and Javascript is still unavailable, this can be due to various reasons:


Javascript is currently deactivated in your browser.
In order to take advantage of's Navigation, you must activate Javascript in the browse settings. Follow these instructions , depending on the browser you are using:

Netscape: Under Edit - Preferences-Advanced you can activate Javascript by clicking on "enable Javascript".

Internet Explorer: Under Tools - Internet Options - Security - Custom level you can activate Javascript by clicking on "Active Scripting - activate".

When you have made these adjustments, click here to test its functionality. If the screensaver-network-homepage loads, Javascript is now active. If nothing happens, then it is still not possible to use Javascript with your browser.

2. If your computer is in a company network, Javascript might be deactivated by a Firewall. For more information please contact your system administrator.

If you leave Javascript deactivated, you unfortunately cannot use the left Navigationbar. You can however reach all screensaver-network's pages over the main navigation and the sitemap.