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Cathedral 3D
Discover the inner sanctum of a Gothic cathedral.

Crystal Cave 3D
A mysterious hidden cave with hundreds of colorful crystals

Dragon 3D
At the edge of a mountain lake a fire breathing dragon is up to mischief - even in the midst of a storm.

Easter Express 3D
Rocco the Easter Bunny uses his cart to transport Easter eggs through the forest.

Koi Pond 3D
Observe beautifully colored kois in a Japanses garden.

Legendary Dinosaurs: Plesiosaurus
Dive into the prehistoric times of the Plesiosaurus and witness it on the hunt.

Polar Bears 3D
A polar bear mother watches over her cubs on the pack ice of the northernmost polar region.

Solar System 3D
A 3D model of our solar system with planets, moons, the asteroid belt, and much, much more.

100 Happy Dollars 3D
Money, Money, Money...

3D CanyonFlight
Extraordinary flight experience

3D Christmas Tree
A lovely Christmas ensemble

3D Fish School
Bubbly 3d Under-water World!

3D SandStorm
A sandy break

...the sky's the limit!

Advent Wreath 3D
Traditional lighting of the candles

Age of Dinosaurs 3D
Dinos in 3D

Altered Worlds
Fantastic 3D worlds

AMD Escape!
A little green something is out to destroy your screen!

Aqua Real
Interactive aquarium

Aquarium 3D
3D Fish in glorious Color

Atlantis 3D
Sunken Island Empire

Autumn 3D
Autumn can be so beautiful!

Back to the Future
Racing Time Machine

Ultimate Space Showdown in glorious 3D

Impressive morphing

Blowball 3D
Scattered by the wind...

Blue bottle flies 3D
Shoo fly shoo...

Bob Race 3D
Four man bob team - ready at the start track

Butterflies 3D
Light as a spring breeze

Canyon Flight 3D
Breathtaking 3D Canyon Flight

Cartoon Ticker 3D
Dancing Letters

Chess Ballet
3D chess pieces as ballet dancers

Moving reticule

Christmas Fireplace
Gives you a warm and cozy feeling inside!

Clock Tower 3D
Real time gothic clock tower

Blue skies on your desktop!!!

Comic Aquarium 3D
Just plain cute!

Cosmic Voyage
Just beam away!

Countdown 3D
When it seems like the clock is standing still...

Creepy Graveyard 3D
When the dead awaken...

Cuckoo Clock 3D
Traditional Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Cupids Valentine
Messenger of Love

Deep Sea 3D
Take a dive!

Dolphin Dreams
Lovable residents of the sea

Eagle Flight 3D
King of the skies

Easter 3D
Peter Cottontail is on his way!

Easter Chicks 3D
Did something just move?!

Easter Island 3D
Where the Easter Bunny lives!

EletriCalm 3D
A great storm

Eye of Sauron
Eye of the Dark Lord

Fall of the Leaves
When the leaves fall...

Fancooler 3D
Virtual Fan

Fantasy Moon 3D
Nighttime in a mysterious forest...

Fascinating South Pacific
Life's a beach...

Fascination Rainforest
Idillic jungle lake with waterfall

Festive Fun '98
Christmas wonderland.

Fire Magic
Hot breaks

Firefighters 3D
The forest is burning!

A fireworks show

Forest Life 3D
Insects in the forest

Freshwater Tank 3D
Realistic underwater world

Dancing balls (3D)

Weightlessness simulation

Golden Autumn 3D
Idyllic park scenery with falling leafes and raindrops

Grill 3D
Served up sizzling hot!

Halloween 3D
Do you think Halloween is scary? No? This might change your mind

Halloween Pumpkin 3D
It's pumpkin-time!

Hamster - Live!

Happy Easter 3D
Little chicks send Easter greetings

Happy Valentine's Day
Romantic heart beats

Fantastic color variations

Humpback Whales 3D
Dive with the whales

Island Paradise 3D
A tropical island paradise is waiting for you!

Kangaroos 3D
Some of Australia's most merry inhabitants

Kinemorphic 3D
Some like it colorful!

Lara Croft 3D
Tough Computer Heroine

Legendary Dinosaurs: Brachiosaurus
Good-natured giants

Legendary Dinosaurs: T-Rex
Prehistoric fight for survival

Lighthouse 3D
A trusty light in the dark night

Lunar Landing 3D giant leap for mankind!

Hey! Macaroni
Dancing macaronis

Magic Carpet 3D
A story from 1001 Arabian Nights

Magic Castle 3D
Fairy tale castles do exist!

Magic Forest 3D
... where mysterious creatures live

Mann-Filter Rallye
Racing at its best

Marine Tank 3D
Transform your PC into a tropical coral reef.

Mechanical Clock 3D
Ticking antique clockwork

Night City 3D
Night time in the city

Oak Tree 3D
In the shade of the old oak

Ocean View
4 schools of fish and a huge shark

Oil Platform 3D
Colossal offshore steel structure

Paraglider 3D
Free as a bird!

Particle Ring
Absolutely engrossing

Particle Systems
Crazy shapes and colors

Piggies 3D
Mother pig with her six piglets...

Pirate Ship 3D
Mysterious shipwreck of legendary pirates

Hypnotic play of colors and shapes

Pocket Watch 3D
Pocket Watch - Fascinated by Time

Polymorf 3D
Flowing 3D shapes

Pyramids 3D
Fascinating Egypt

Reindeer 3D
Kings of the Great White North

Rise to Honor
Dark side of an Asian city

Rocco Rabbit's Summer Games
Prove your athletic skills as Rocco the rabbit!

Rocking Cans
This can-band rocks!

Rollercoaster 2000
Roller Coaster feeling!

Rose Angel
Absolutely heavenly!

Sachs Marine Aquarium
Almost like a real salt water aquarium

Safari 3D
Savanna adventure

Sailing Away
Set sail....

Santa Express 4
Santa's in town - and above...

Santa Express II
A celestial sleigh race

Santa Express III
Christmas spirit

School of Magic 3D
school of witchcraft and wizardry

Sea in an uproar

Shapes to the Techno Beat

Silex Screensaver
Skeleton Dance

Bizarre 3D world

Snowflakes 3D
No two are alike...

Snowglobe 3D
Indoor snowstorm all your own.

Snowmen 3D
Nocturnal antics in the snow

Where are they running to ...

South Park 3D Spectacular
The South Park Quartet

South Park: Eric Cartman 3D
South Park's "fat ass" in 3D

Space Fighters 3D
Furious galactic battle

Space Station 3D
Infinite depths...

Space Travel
Intergalactic trip

Spider 3D
Web of the Cross Spider

Spiderman 3D
Cult comic hero Spiderman is back!

Spring 3D
Enjoy Springtime splendor anytime!

Star Trek: Voyager
Space ship in 3D

Cool morphing effects

Stupid Dream
Golden Toilet Bowl

Summer 3D
What vacation dreams are made of...

Thunderstorm 3D
Struck by lightning

Titanic 3D
Set sail!

Treasure Vault 3D
Dragon's Treasure Vault

Truck 3D
King of the road

A real eye catcher!

Vintage Cars 3D
Dream cars from days gone by on a winding highway.

Volcano 3D
It's raining fire!

Warplanes 3D
Ready for Take off!

Waterfall 3D
sparkling waterfall

Watermill 3D
Nature's grand show

Western Locomotive 3D
Old fashioned locomotive

Dr Who
Travel through the dimensions in a blue phone booth

Wild Horses 3D
Freedom to roam the land...

Winter 3D
Winter in the Mountains

Winter Dream 3D
Winter Dream in 3D

Winter Night 3D
A winter night in a fairy tale village

Witches' Dance 3D
The witches have taken over!

Woodland Castle 3D
Summer in a shady forest

The Earth is a sphere.

X-mas Fish 3D
Christmas under water!

3D portraits of actors

Zeppelin 3D
Top-of-the-line Airship


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Easter Express 3D

Egg transport through the Easter Forest


...make connections

Creepy Graveyard 3D

When the dead awaken...

Cathedral 3D

Magnificent House of God

Crystal Cave 3D

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime sight

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