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Animal Babies
These 50 pictures of cute animal babies will absolutely captivate you!

Cosmic Kukuxumusu
In space both bulls and toreadors are weightless and therefore powerless. This results in a funny forced truce.

Dragon 3D
At the edge of a mountain lake a fire breathing dragon is up to mischief - even in the midst of a storm.

Extreme close-ups of bugs
Extreme close-ups show off little insects in a big way!

Koi Pond 3D
Observe beautifully colored kois in a Japanses garden.

Legendary Dinosaurs: Plesiosaurus
Dive into the prehistoric times of the Plesiosaurus and witness it on the hunt.

X-Ray Fish
This slideshow features interesting x-ray pictures of smaller ocean animals.

3D Fish School
Bubbly 3d Under-water World!

African Elephants
Gigantic mammals

Aqua Real
Interactive aquarium

Aquarium 3D
3D Fish in glorious Color

Aquatica 3D
Wonderful Waterworlds (3D)

Atlantis 3D
Sunken Island Empire

Babies of the Wilderness
We all start off small

BBC Birds
Adaptable feathered friends

BBC Mammals
Earth's mammals

BBC Shallow Seas
The animal kingdom of the shallow coastal regions

Buzzing bees

Busy nectar collectors

Big Cats
Fascinating, but dangerous!

Blue bottle flies 3D
Shoo fly shoo...

Welcome to the virtual world of insects

Bus stop with horses
A meeting place for transportation of all types

The most colorful butterflies

Butterflies 3D
Light as a spring breeze

Comic Aquarium 3D
Just plain cute!

Cuddly Fish 3D
Adorable Fish

Cute Kitties
Great close-ups of cats

Deep Sea 3D
Take a dive!

Meet T-Rex and Company

Man's Best Friend

Dolphin Dreams
Lovable residents of the sea

Playing in the deep blue sea

The second most stupid creature in the universe

Drawing Hand
Lion drawn by artistic hand

Eagle Flight 3D
King of the skies

Easter Chicks 3D
Did something just move?!

Fabulous Beasts
Microscopic close ups!

Fascinating Antarctica
Go swimming with the penguins!

Fascinating South Pacific
Life's a beach...

Fascination Rainforest
Idillic jungle lake with waterfall

FASTACŪ SC Screensaver
Little bugs eat up your screen while bees watch from above

Finding Nemo
This screen saver shows the cute little fish swimming around the Great Barrier Reef.

Little fireflies set your screen on fire!

Forest Life 3D
Insects in the forest

Freshwater Tank 3D
Realistic underwater world

Grizzly Bears
Wild bears in their natural habitat

Happy Icelandic chickens!

Hamster Dance
Hamster Polonaise

Hamster - Live!

Happy Easter 3D
Little chicks send Easter greetings

Happy Feet
Brilliant tap dancer

Happy Feet Slideshow
A banished penguin makes his way to become a successful dancer

Humpback Whales 3D
Dive with the whales


Island Paradise 3D
A tropical island paradise is waiting for you!

Isle of Dreams
Romantic islands

Japanese Cats
Cats from Japan's big cities

Kangaroos 3D
Some of Australia's most merry inhabitants

Kaput - counting Sheep
Warning! Flying sheep!

Cute n' cuddly

ANTS - A bug's life
Unique insects

Kukuxumusu Underwater
Diving wild bulls

Legendary Dinosaurs: Brachiosaurus
Good-natured giants

Legendary Dinosaurs: T-Rex
Prehistoric fight for survival

Lighthouse 3D
A trusty light in the dark night

Living Coral
A colorful underwater world

Living Rainforest
Totally harmless rainforest adventure.

Living Wilderness
Relaxing experience in the forest

Pictures of a unique island nation

March of the Penguins
Emperor Penguins and their young

Marine Tank 3D
Transform your PC into a tropical coral reef.

MOPy Fish
HP's contribution to artificial life

Dinner time for Morris the Cat

Must love dogs
Doggy kisses

The ultimate PC Loch Ness Simulation

Gone to the dogs!

Oak Tree 3D
In the shade of the old oak

Ocean View
4 schools of fish and a huge shark

Monsters of the deep?

Pedigree We're for dogs
Man's best friend

... living it up in the Antarctic

Piggies 3D
Mother pig with her six piglets...

Piggy Bank
Get the hammer out!

Polar Bears 3D
Kings of the northern polar regions

Underground activity

Reindeer 3D
Kings of the Great White North

Sachs Marine Aquarium
Almost like a real salt water aquarium

Safari 3D
Savanna adventure

Safari Screen Saver
Enjoy an African safari at your desk

Colorful fish

Secrets of the Ocean Realm
Secrets of the deep blue sea

Sheep vs. Gravity Screen Saver
Sheep jumping like rubber balls. But some jump too high and...

Sherman's Lagoon
The famous comic strip shark now on your PC

Spider 3D
Web of the Cross Spider

The Amazon
The realm of the rain forest

The Deep
Deep sea life

Virtual Puppy
A cute companion on your monitor

Whale Explorer
Whale Song

Gigantic sea dwellers

Whiskas - Dancing Mouse
cheeky little mouse gets his groove on

Wild Beasts
Watch out for the wild animals! Watch out for the wild animals! Watch out for the wild animals!

Wild Horses 3D
Freedom to roam the land...

Winter Dream 3D
Winter Dream in 3D

Earth's biodiversity

X-mas Fish 3D
Christmas under water!

Dutch swarm of mosquitoes

Zoo Louisville
Totally wild!


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Easter Express 3D

Egg transport through the Easter Forest


...make connections

Creepy Graveyard 3D

When the dead awaken...

Cathedral 3D

Magnificent House of God

Crystal Cave 3D

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime sight

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