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Jennifer Aniston
This screen saver features several pictures of this hot actress who makes fans' hearts beat just a little bit faster.

Kanye West
Who doesn't know Kanye's song "Jesus Walks"? This gifted musician shows off his modeling talents in this screen saver.

Pepsi Music 2005
Beckham, J-Lo and Beyoncé explore new careers: Check them out as martial artists!

No other singer swings her hips quite like this sexy and strikingly voiced Colombian. Check out these snapshots of the talented and powerful Shakira!

Angelina Jolie
Sexy Power-Lady

Anna Kournikova
successful and attractive woman

the founding father of modern Turkey!

Fate is on her side

Bill Clinton: White House Mambo
Big Willie's Mambo Party

Bill's Pie Toss
Bill Gates loves pies

Boogie Baby
This is one groovy baby

Charlize Theron
South African Hollywood Star

Craig David
Cool man

Elvis Presley
Rock `n Roll Legend!

The Queen of New Age Pop.

famous TV series

Computer-generated character

Halle Berry
Attractive, award winning lady

Harry Potter
Harry Potter - a rising star

Heidi Klum
A ravishing beauty

Janet Jackson
Sexy and confident

Jennifer Lopez Rebirth
Seductive Latino Diva

Kelly Rowland
hot R'n'B diva

Kylie Minogue
Sexy energetic Pop Queen

Leonardo DiCaprio
Top actor

The Queen of Pop

Flying Moorhühner

Robbie Williams
Too grown up for boy groups.

Robbie Williams
Red hot

Brazilian soccer artiste

Santa Express II
A celestial sleigh race

Sesame Street
Cookie Monster and friends

Sex and the City
The hit series about four women in New York

Sleepy Hollow
Heads will roll

Stuart Little
Stuart Little Anagrams

Tomb Raider
Watch out!

Handsome Irish boys

Will Young
Will Young shows his best side in this screen saver.

Monitor Mystery


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