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Cathedral 3D
Discover the inner sanctum of a Gothic cathedral.

Easter Express 3D
Rocco the Easter Bunny uses his cart to transport Easter eggs through the forest.

A celebration screens saver - great pictures of fireworks!

Snowmen 3D
Two cute snowmen are in the front yard of someone's house. Watch and see all the fun they have when they think no one is looking!

Eggs 3D
Eggs of all types

Advent Wreath 3D
Traditional lighting of the candles

Christmas Fireplace
Gives you a warm and cozy feeling inside!

Christmas Holidays
Christmas Break

Christmas Lights
Glitzy Christmas Decorations

Creepy Graveyard 3D
When the dead awaken...

Cuddly Fish 3D
Adorable Fish

Cupids Valentine
Messenger of Love

Easter 3D
Peter Cottontail is on his way!

Easter Chicks 3D
Did something just move?!

Easter Island 3D
Where the Easter Bunny lives!

Eggs on the catwalk

Egg your monitor!

Festive Fun '98
Christmas wonderland.

A fireworks show

Flower Greetings 3D
A virtual bouquet

Happy Icelandic chickens!

Halloween 3D
Do you think Halloween is scary? No? This might change your mind

Halloween Pumpkin 3D
It's pumpkin-time!

Happy Easter 3D
Little chicks send Easter greetings

Happy Valentine's Day
Romantic heart beats

Haunted Castle 3D
Terror waits around every corner!

Hearty Surprise
Rotating little hearts

Hell's Gate
Cemetary of horror

MerryChristmas 3D

Santa Express
the fastest way to deliver presents

Easter Screen Saver 2000
Easter Egg Cannon

Polar Bear Fireworks
The polar bears love a good fireworks show.

Reindeer 3D
Kings of the Great White North

Rose Angel
Absolutely heavenly!

Antennas and other hazards

Santa Express 4
Santa's in town - and above...

Santa Express II
A celestial sleigh race

Santa Express III
Christmas spirit

Silly Santa Saver
Santa on a unicycle

Snowglobe 3D
Indoor snowstorm all your own.

Statue of Liberty
Independence Day

Stupid Cupid
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tasmanian Thanksgiving
Don't forget

The Bug - fit for winter

Absolute surveillance!

Christmas screen saver '99
Parachuting snowmen

Winter Dreams
Dreaming of a white Christmas....

Witches' Dance 3D
The witches have taken over!

X-mas Baby
The famous Boogie Baby as Santa

X-mas Fish 3D
Christmas under water!


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New Stuff

Easter Express 3D

Egg transport through the Easter Forest


...make connections

Creepy Graveyard 3D

When the dead awaken...

Cathedral 3D

Magnificent House of God

Crystal Cave 3D

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime sight

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