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Over 60 pictures convey the variety and fascination that bridges have to offer.

Cartoon Ticker 3D
Marquee? That's right! These funny cartoon letters run right across your screen.

Cathedral 3D
Discover the inner sanctum of a Gothic cathedral.

Crystal Cave 3D
A mysterious hidden cave with hundreds of colorful crystals

Oil Platform 3D
Detailed oil platform screen saver with day and night views.

100 Happy Dollars 3D
Money, Money, Money...

10th Mac
Get some "Apples" for your PC!

AMD Escape!
A little green something is out to destroy your screen!

American Locomotives
Two beautiful american locomotives in a slideshow screensaver

American McGee's Alice
Magical fairy tale world

Ants on the loose!

Aubade Dessous Homme
Underwear for Men

Autumn 3D
Autumn can be so beautiful!

BBC Place to think
Shapes and colors for every mood

Hopefully you've got something to clean the screen with

Boeing Paint by Numbers
Bit by bit an airplane appears

Boogie Baby
This is one groovy baby

Brawny Innocent Escapes
Hardworking man cleans your monitor

Calm Before The Storm
Something's brewing....

Charmin Bear
This bear can't do without his Charmin!

Chess Ballet
3D chess pieces as ballet dancers

Cuckoo Clock 3D
Traditional Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Dottie in Action
At the office, organization is everything!

Drawing Hand
Lion drawn by artistic hand

Color in motion

Circumferential view of the Earth

Energizer Bunny
Drumming bunny

Fancooler 3D
Virtual Fan

Final Destination 3
Final Destination Roller Coaster

Flag 3D
blowing flags on your screen

Flags of the European Union
Countries of the European Union

Flying Books
There must be magic in the air!

Fog on your desktop!

Haunted Castle 3D
Terror waits around every corner!

It's raining fruit!
Some fruity variety for your screen!

Lava Lamp
Lamp with cult status as the highlight of your break

Lego Creatures
Creations inspired by the animal kingdom

A magnifying glass

Magic Carpet 3D
A story from 1001 Arabian Nights

A screen saver from Keith Haring

Tiny tiles

Night City 3D
Night time in the city

Magic eye

Jumping balls of color

Photo Mishmash
Stage great personal effects!

Pocket Watch 3D
Pocket Watch - Fascinated by Time

Absolutely inexhaustible

PS Surveillance Camera
Parking garage stake out

Rise to Honor
Dark side of an Asian city

Rocking Cans
This can-band rocks!

Rollercoaster 2000
Roller Coaster feeling!

Rose Angel
Absolutely heavenly!

Rübezahls Bridge
Two beautiful locomotives in a slideshow screensaver

Security in the wild, wild Web

Shade Now
Tinted Windows

Release the mice!

Bizarre 3D world

Skywriter Plane
Message from the heaven

Snowmen 3D
Nocturnal antics in the snow

Caught in the spider's web

Stupid Dream
Golden Toilet Bowl

Summer 3D
What vacation dreams are made of...

Super heroes in action

Tears of a Clown
Laugh and cry at the same time!

Computer Power against cancer

Thunderstorm 3D
Struck by lightning

Tiger Duck
A real sweet screensaver not just for kids!

Dreamy and peaceful!

A Screensaver about the freeware game Trashkiller.

Treasure Vault 3D
Dragon's Treasure Vault

TV Noise
Nostalgic flickering

Twisters tear up the screen

Nice screensaver shows children from all over the world

Virtual Train Ride
Get on board

PC tidal wave

X-mas Baby
The famous Boogie Baby as Santa

Zoom Saver
Endless journey


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New Stuff

Easter Express 3D

Egg transport through the Easter Forest


...make connections

Creepy Graveyard 3D

When the dead awaken...

Cathedral 3D

Magnificent House of God

Crystal Cave 3D

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime sight

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