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Cool puppets rock out in the Opel Corsa commercial

Cow Cult Clock
This is cool! A huge cuckoo clock in a snowy pasture surrounded by cows tells you what time it is.

Happy Feet
Mumble wants to strut his stuff for you in this screen saver.

Happy Feet Slideshow
Film clips show a banished penguin's journey to becoming a successful dancer.

Jennifer Aniston
This screen saver features several pictures of this hot actress who makes fans' hearts beat just a little bit faster.

Magic Carpet 3D
A young prince goes off on his magic carpet through a splendid and mystical Oriental city.

Aeon Flux
Charlize Theron plays top underground operative

American McGee's Alice
Magical fairy tale world

Cutest fawn in the history of film

Bambi 2
King of the Forest

Batman Begins
Bat Signal shines through

Best of Bond
British secret agent

Charming heartbreaker

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Got a sweet tooth?

Charlize Theron
South African Hollywood Star

Charmin Bear
This bear can't do without his Charmin!

Chicken Little
One little chicken really shakes thing up!

Chicken Run
Chicken Run

Comic Aquarium 3D
Just plain cute!

Playing in the deep blue sea

This screen saver shows several scenes from the film and makes you want to see many more!

Eye of Sauron
Eye of the Dark Lord

Fantastic Four
Comic book action with Jessica Alba

A lesson on "zapping"

FIFA Fairplay
What a good sport!

Final Destination 3
Final Destination Roller Coaster

Finding Nemo
This screen saver shows the cute little fish swimming around the Great Barrier Reef.

Firefighters 3D
The forest is burning!

famous TV series

Garfield 2
A tail of two kitties

From Hollywood direct to your PC

Computer-generated character

From psychologist to mental patient!

Grey's Anatomy
The series' main characters

Harry Potter Hippogriff
Magical creature

Harry Potter Yule Ball
Dance partners at the Yule Ball

Haunted Castle 3D
Terror waits around every corner!

Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy
Chronically depressed Marvin

Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown
Scrat is back!

King Kong
The refilming of the classic horror flick "King Kong".

ANTS - A bug's life
Unique insects

Lara Croft 3D
Tough Computer Heroine

Leonardo DiCaprio
Top actor

Lion King 1 1/2
Hakuna Matata!

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King
The one and only ring.

Lunar Landing 3D giant leap for mankind!

Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman

Master and Commander
Slideshow screensaver about the movie.

The Matrix
Green strings of data on a black background

Monster House
This house is alive!

Mr and Mrs Smith
Marital strife like you've never seen it before!

Nike Olé
Why wait for the whistle?

Paddington Bear
Please look after this bear!

Peanuts Baseball Game
Baseball galore

PS Surveillance Camera
Parking garage stake out

School of Magic 3D
school of witchcraft and wizardry

Sesame Street
Cookie Monster and friends

Sex and the City
The hit series about four women in New York

Shrek 2

Sin City
Dark heroes in a sinful city

Sleepy Hollow
Heads will roll

South Park 3D Spectacular
The South Park Quartet

South Park: Eric Cartman 3D
South Park's "fat ass" in 3D

Caught in the spider's web

Spiderman 3D
Cult comic hero Spiderman is back!

Star Trek: Voyager
Space ship in 3D

Stuart Little
Stuart Little Anagrams

Superman Returns
The Man of Steel

The Incredibles
Animated superheroes

The Legend of Zorro
The swashbuckling masked hero returns!

The Muppets
Kermit and Friends

The Pink Panther
Inspector Clouseau is back!

Tiger Duck
A real sweet screensaver not just for kids!

A must for all Titanic fans

Titanic 3D
Set sail!

Tomb Raider
Watch out!

TV Noise
Nostalgic flickering

Once bitten... screen saver

Will Young
Will Young shows his best side in this screen saver.

Monitor Mystery

3D portraits of actors


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Magnificent House of God

Crystal Cave 3D

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