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Dream Beaches
Sixty tranquil pictures invite you to daydream to your heart's content.

Extreme close-ups of bugs
Extreme close-ups show off little insects in a big way!

Kangaroos 3D
In the Australian Outback you'll meet a group of hopping Giant Red kangaroos.

Koi Pond 3D
Observe beautifully colored kois in a Japanses garden.

Legendary Dinosaurs: Plesiosaurus
Dive into the prehistoric times of the Plesiosaurus and witness it on the hunt.

This screen saver welcomes you to the sunny Spanish island of Mallorca and accompanies you on an awesome mini-vacation.

Polar Bears 3D
A polar bear mother watches over her cubs on the pack ice of the northernmost polar region.

100% New Zealand
The real home of Middle Earth

3D CanyonFlight
Extraordinary flight experience

3D Fish School
Bubbly 3d Under-water World!

Alaskan Odyssey
Icy charm

Amazing Flowers
Immerse yourself in a sea of flowers!

American Locomotives
Two beautiful american locomotives in a slideshow screensaver

Aquarium 3D
3D Fish in glorious Color

Atlantis 3D
Sunken Island Empire

Autumn 3D
Autumn can be so beautiful!

Babbling Brook
Everything is flowing ...

Busy nectar collectors

Big Cats
Fascinating, but dangerous!

Blowball 3D
Scattered by the wind...

Bob Race 3D
Four man bob team - ready at the start track

Botanica 2.1
Virtual plants

Butterflies 3D
Light as a spring breeze

Calm Before The Storm
Something's brewing....

Canyon Flight 3D
Breathtaking 3D Canyon Flight

Cape Town
"The most beautiful end of the world"

Captivating Falls
Refreshing and invigorating: animated waterfall screensaver

Changing Seasons
journey through the year

Classic Sailboat Saver 2006
Onto the water!

Clear Blue Hawaii
Island paradise

Climbing in the great outdoors

Spectacular clouds

Blue skies on your desktop!!!

Deep Sea 3D
Take a dive!

Eagle Flight 3D
King of the skies

Earth from the air
Impressive aerial photos

Easter 3D
Peter Cottontail is on his way!

Easter Chicks 3D
Did something just move?!

EletriCalm 3D
A great storm

Fall of the Leaves
When the leaves fall...

Fantasy Moon 3D
Nighttime in a mysterious forest...

Fascinating Antarctica
Go swimming with the penguins!

Fascinating Oasis
Jewel of the Desert

Fascinating South Pacific
Life's a beach...

Fascinating Sunset
Romantic moods of the sky

Fascination Rainforest
Idillic jungle lake with waterfall

FASTACŪ SC Screensaver
Little bugs eat up your screen while bees watch from above

Fire Magic
Hot breaks

Firefighters 3D
The forest is burning!

First Snow
Snowy winter landscape

Flower Greetings 3D
A virtual bouquet

Fresh summertime flowers for your desktop!

Vivid flowery splendor

Forest Life 3D
Insects in the forest

Fog on your desktop!

Freshwater Tank 3D
Realistic underwater world

Transform your computer into a beautiful garden

Golden Autumn 3D
Idyllic park scenery with falling leafes and raindrops

Great Lakes Lighthouses
This screen saver slideshow highlights of some of the best looking lighthouses.

Happy Icelandic chickens!

Heather Honey
Mystical full moon

The tallest mountain range in the world

Humpback Whales 3D
Dive with the whales


Island Paradise 3D
A tropical island paradise is waiting for you!

Isle of Dreams
Romantic islands

Peaceful lakes

Legendary Dinosaurs: T-Rex
Prehistoric fight for survival

Lighthouse 3D
A trusty light in the dark night

Lighthouse Point
This screen saver awakens wistful aspirations

Living Coral
A colorful underwater world

Living Rainforest
Totally harmless rainforest adventure.

Living Wilderness
Relaxing experience in the forest

Pictures of a unique island nation

Magic Castle 3D
Fairy tale castles do exist!

Magic of Morning
Chirping birds at dawn

Maledive Islands
Perfect beaches

Marine Tank 3D
Transform your PC into a tropical coral reef.

...more than just desert

Nobochamp Dreamworld
nature and animals

NS - Materieel Engineering
The alternative model train

Oak Tree 3D
In the shade of the old oak

Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific

Organic Art
Pictures of a special type

Panorama Rampdag
Flood in the Netherlands

Paraglider 3D
Free as a bird!

Polar Bear Fireworks
The polar bears love a good fireworks show.

Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2005
Waiting for the perfect wave

Reindeer 3D
Kings of the Great White North

Rose Angel
Absolutely heavenly!

Rübezahls Bridge
Two beautiful locomotives in a slideshow screensaver

Safari 3D
Savanna adventure

Santa Express 4
Santa's in town - and above...

Let's visit Nessie!

Sea in an uproar

Snowflakes 3D
No two are alike...

Live pictures of the sun

Spider 3D
Web of the Cross Spider

Spring 3D
Enjoy Springtime splendor anytime!

Flying butterflies

Summer 3D
What vacation dreams are made of...

Glorious sunflowers

Sunset World
Relaxing sunsets

Tabasco Avery Island
Small island paradise produces "hot stuff"!

Tango with Tulips
Holland's most beautiful flowers

The Amazon
The realm of the rain forest

The Deep
Deep sea life

Thunder and Lightning
Stormy breaks

Thunderstorm 3D
Struck by lightning

Topo Map
The surface of the Earth in 3D

USA Westcoast
Impressions of America's West Coast

Vikuiti Lightning
Flashing lightning

Volcano 3D
It's raining fire!

PC tidal wave

Water and Ice
Icy water

Water Slideshow
Water droplets

Waterfall 3D
sparkling waterfall

Impressive waterfalls

Watermill 3D
Nature's grand show

Gigantic sea dwellers

Wild Beasts
Watch out for the wild animals! Watch out for the wild animals! Watch out for the wild animals!

Wild Horses 3D
Freedom to roam the land...

Winter 3D
Winter in the Mountains

Winter Dream 3D
Winter Dream in 3D

Winter Dreams
Dreaming of a white Christmas....

Winter wonderland
Wonderful winter landscape

Woodland Castle 3D
Summer in a shady forest

Woodland Dreams
Scenes from nature appear

Earth's biodiversity


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Easter Express 3D

Egg transport through the Easter Forest


...make connections

Creepy Graveyard 3D

When the dead awaken...

Cathedral 3D

Magnificent House of God

Crystal Cave 3D

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime sight

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