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 Science Fiction

Dragon 3D
At the edge of a mountain lake a fire breathing dragon is up to mischief - even in the midst of a storm.

Haunted Castle 3D
Ghosts and other spooky creatures loom in the darkness of an abandon castle’s ruins.

Pirate Ship 3D
Dive into the depths of the Caribbean Ocean and take a closer look at one of the pirate ships.

Solar System 3D
A 3D model of our solar system with planets, moons, the asteroid belt, and much, much more.

Futuristic 3D Art

ATI Ruby Calendar
Hot action figure agent

Atlantis 3D
Sunken Island Empire

Ultimate Space Showdown in glorious 3D

Cosmic Voyage
Just beam away!

Creepy Graveyard 3D
When the dead awaken...

Desktop Dreamscapes
Say hi to the sun for us!

Harry Potter
Harry Potter - a rising star

Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy
Chronically depressed Marvin

Legendary Dinosaurs: Brachiosaurus
Good-natured giants

Legendary Dinosaurs: T-Rex
Prehistoric fight for survival

Lunar Landing 3D giant leap for mankind!

Magic Forest 3D
... where mysterious creatures live

PC Pete (Philips)
2001, Sci Fi Odyssey

Rise to Honor
Dark side of an Asian city

Space Battle
Alien attack!

Space Fighters 3D
Furious galactic battle

Star Trek: Voyager
Space ship in 3D

A Screensaver about the freeware game Trashkiller.

Treasure Vault 3D
Dragon's Treasure Vault

Visions of Mars
Living on the red planet

Witches' Dance 3D
The witches have taken over!

3D portraits of actors


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New Stuff

Easter Express 3D

Egg transport through the Easter Forest


...make connections

Creepy Graveyard 3D

When the dead awaken...

Cathedral 3D

Magnificent House of God

Crystal Cave 3D

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime sight

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