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Lunar Landing 3D
This 3D screen saver gives you a full color, blow by blow description of the July 1969 Apollo 11 mission.

Solar System 3D
A 3D model of our solar system with planets, moons, the asteroid belt, and much, much more.

Space Battle
Witness an alien attack on an intruding expedition ship.

Space Fighters 3D
Huge spacecraft engage in a high-speed galactic battle in a magnificent outer-space setting.

Ultimate Space Showdown in glorious 3D

Cassini Huygens
Exploration of Saturn

A shooting star!

Cosmic Voyage
Just beam away!

CosmoSaver - Solar System
Solar system on the screen

Desktop Dreamscapes
Say hi to the sun for us!

Circumferential view of the Earth

The best pics of the eclipse

ESA SciTech
Information about current space exploration

Intergalactic stellar collision on a (cosmically considered) tiny screen

Light Speed
An extraordinary star flight simulation

Mars Express 3D
Put on your 3D glasses - you'll be amazed!

MER Rover
NASA's robot geologist

Live pictures of the sun

The Kufstein song in the dark

Space Station 3D
Infinite depths...

Space Travel
Intergalactic trip

A Screensaver about the freeware game Trashkiller.

Visions of Mars
Living on the red planet

The Earth is a sphere.


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New Stuff

Easter Express 3D

Egg transport through the Easter Forest


...make connections

Creepy Graveyard 3D

When the dead awaken...

Cathedral 3D

Magnificent House of God

Crystal Cave 3D

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime sight

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