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 MOPy Fish

Even Hewlett Packard has Tamagotchi fever! With the virtual MOPy Fish, you can literally swim along with the virtual life wave. A fascinating goldfish (actually a parrot fish) that looks almost real swims around your screen, which has been transformed into an aquarium.

Just like a real fish, this one needs attention and must be fed on a regular basis. This is where HP's subtle marketing tactics come in. Little MOPy Fish doesn't only live on fish food, but also indirectly from printer toner!

MOPy stands for "Multiple Original Printouts". In HP terminology, that means the user doesn't have to print out a document and then make copies for multiple documents, but that all necessary copies can be made on the printer. This has 4 advantages: 1. better quality copies, 2. less work, as you don't have to walk to the copier anymore, 3. you get lots of MOPy points, and last but not least number 4: HP sells more original toner! If you take really good care of MOPy and make lots of multiple copies, you get more and more MOPy points that can be used to pep up your aquarium: a stone with plants, a thermometer, air bubbles, and at the end even an aphrodisiac which can be downloaded from HP. We won't tell you what happens at that point - it's a surprise!

Despite the cheesy sales methods, MOPy fish is an absolute must for all screen saver fans. No other screen saver has ever had such realistic animation. According to the MOPy fish developers, they took over 1 million shots of a real parrot fish to get that realistic look.

P.S.: For the sake of HP, we have to say that you collect the necessary points (MOPs) quite quickly, and don't have to waste lots of toner in the process. ;-)

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