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 Easter Screen Saver 2000

Donít shoot at sparrows with guns, try shooting at sheep with an Easter egg cannon! The sheep are floating with the help of parachutes to the ground in this screen saver/game.

You can also aim at Easter eggs carried by balloons, Easter nests, and even Easter dragons (huh?!). You cannon is controlled by a ....special Easter Bunny. You control this special bunny with the mouse. There are great sound effects, too.

In screen saver mode, all the Easter figures float through the air. The game can be started by pressing the space bar. The cannon is adjusted with the right and left cursor keys. Firing the cannon is done by pressing the space bar, and the intensity of the shot depends on how long you keep the space bar down. The game lasts 2 minutes.

Have fun and watch out for the Easter dragon! Of course, Easter eggs and sheep arenít the only figures that are associated with Easter Ė you can get other funny Easter characters by typing in the following enable code:

Gackern Motorrad Hubschrauber Nikolausi

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