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 Santa Express

With his cap and beard blowing in the wind, Santa Claus is sleighing through the night on Christmas Eve. Getting out of the sleigh to deliver presents is a thing of the past though.

The "Just in Time" principle is at work here; Santa Claus must now throw the presents into the chimneys. You're his helper and you steer the sleigh over the rooftops. Somewhat clumsy reindeer are controlled with the cursor keys and the presents are thrown using the space bar.

But be careful, there is lots of action going on under the starry Christmas Eve sky! Nasty goblins, evil snowmen and playful angels are all doing their best to make your mission more difficult. If you pay attention, however, you may just find things which will make your job easier. Even when you don't feel like playing, Santa will still be there to bring in the Christmas season. In screen saver mode you can sit back, relax, and watch Santa hurry to complete his mission alone.

The exciting Santa Claus Express is a lot of fun at Christmas time with its detailed graphics. Download now!

Additional features can be activated by entering the following codes:

  • winter

  • longrun

  • easteregg

  • sleigh

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