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Win-Themes Highlights

25 Years Golf
The VW Golf turned 25! Volkswagen celebrated with a Desktop Theme.

Tropical Dreams
Ready for the islands? It's no problem with this Win Theme

Fly away
Treat yourself to a little break! This Win Theme provides a short escape from every day life.

The Look of Love
"Flowers - the most beautiful language of the world" - an undeniable part of Valentine's Day!

This great black and white photo is just like the artist himself - chaotic and headstrong. A striking Win Theme.

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Cars & Traffic


Nature & Animals
Forms & Colors

What you need to know about Win Themes:

Prerequisite for the use of Desktop Themes is the installation of the Microsoft-Plus Package. This is included in both Windows 95Plus and Windows98/ME.

More information can be found under "Desktop Motives" in Windows Help. If you are working with Windows 2000, you will not find the icon for Desktop Themes under settings. You will have to install the program yourself by going to Start and entering the name "themes.exe". In order to be able to find the Desktop Themes you have installed, you should make a directory "Themes" under c:\Programs\Plus. You can save all your Desktop Themes there. We recommend saving the standard Windows settings before activating any new Win Theme.

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